First of Single Hop IPAs Released

ATTENTION HOPHEADS! We are releasing our new Single Rye IPA on draft today at the brewery. This Rye IPA is the first in a series of single hop IPAs. For our inaugural batch we chose Centennial hops. This clean, simple malt backbone is designed to flaunt the sublime hop character.

Brewed with our proprietary Keep It Simple Silly method, our Single Rye IPA has been carefully crafted with Pilsner malt, Centennial hops and a measured dose of rye.

Sometimes the simplicity of the recipe allows us to keep the flavors clean and true to the origins of this beer style. The result? Tastefully complex, thirst-quenching and delicious. 7.0% ABV / 85 IBU

Suggested food pairings: Beef banh mi, bacon popcorn, bean burritos, jambalaya.

Single Rye IPA will be released on draft on a rotating basis with each batch showcasing a different hop variety.

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