Hop-O-Matic To Be Released in 22 oz. Format

You asked and we answered. Pre-release sales of Hop-O-Matic in 22 oz. bottle format will be happening next Wednesday, July 18 at the Brewery – no limit. Bottles will be hitting the shelves at your favorite retailer the following weekend. Go-to IPA? We think so.

If you haven’t had our India Pale Ale, here’s a few details:

From the sharp aromatics of citrusy pine that permeates your nostrils to the hefty malt backbone, Hop-O-Matic will slice and dice its way through your palate! But wait, there’s more! This refreshing India Pale Ale highlights the avid appreciation we have of the finer, bold nuances of our little green friends by imparting a delightfully playful nose and even livelier mouthfeel.

A herbaceously spicy, pungent, and dank brew. This fragrant beer imparts an initial blast of bitterness that gives way to sweet, toasty malts and a zesty citrus profile, then takes it up ten notches with a complex mélange of hops that won’t go down without a fight. What can we say? We’re proud of this one. 7.1% ABV.

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