Introducing… Art of Dankness

DOUBLE IPA TIME! We’ll be releasing ART OF DANKNESS tomorrow at our brewery at 1 PM. This beer is brewed with experimental hops that meld the threshold between dank and juicy… our own contribution to the art of dankness.

Hops for our Double IPA are hand-selected from the superlative new generation of U.S. varieties. Glorious earthy aromas recall forest walks after a rain. In addition, freshly cut herbs & tangy fruit are the hallmark of new-age hops. Art of Dankness salutes the vast spectrum of these aromas in every form.

ABV: 9.2% 101 IBU 1.087 O.G.

This monster will be available in bottles and draft at select locations next week. Check out our Facebook page for more brewery haps and daily updates.

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